Suzanna has authored two books, "Berklee Jazz Keyboard Harmony; using upper structure triads", and "A Modern Method for Piano Scales". Both texts can be purchased on Amazon or directly from Suzanna. 

My first book,"Berklee Jazz Keyboard Harmony; using upper structure triads",is a complete guide on how to discover, voice, and comp upper structure triad voicings. It is a great book that will guide you to understanding jazz voicings in order to get those lush sounds you love! 

My second book, entitled "A Modern Method for Piano Scales" was released  the summer of 2022 by Hal Leonard/Berklee Press! It is the companion text for my new Berklee Online course, Piano Scales 101 (, as well as my MOOC on Coursera , "Piano Scales for Modern Music" ( ). 

The book and theses courses will teach you how to: 

1.Identify, construct, practice, and use the most important scale types used in contemporary music, in all 12 keys, and understand how they relate to each other. 

2. Use effective practice strategies to implement fingering techniques that lead to facility on the keyboard 

3. Understand the relationship between each scale and its related chords- which particularly  helps with lead sheet interpretation 

4. Use these scales as melodic material in improvisation 

5. Hear and identify these scales as they are used in contemporary hit songs and jazz standards. 

Join our online community of scale seekers, improvisers, and composers! I Hope to see you in a virtual class soon!! 

                             Learn about upper structure triads with Suzanna! 

Suzanna is now available for private lessons via Zoom. Study jazz accompaniment (comping),improvisation, theory, transcription, and composition. Learn the nuances of jazz phrasing, time feel, and melodic structure. Study the application of theory in performance.Use the"Roman Numeral Method" featured in Suzanna's book to easily add color and living sound into your comping and improvisation.Apply the linear approach to improvisation using upper structure triads, open to application for all instruments. 

Lessons are one hour in length, and tailored  to each specific student's needs. From beginners to professionals.,all levels are welcome. As an accomplished and experienced educator with over 33 years on faculty at Berklee, Suzanna will access your musical needs and set up a study plan to surely guarantee success in your studies! 

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